Nighttime fireworks that light up the slopes.

Naeba is known for its nighttime skiing, and especially for its nighttime fireworks!

The ski slope fireworks at Naeba Ski Resort are a winter classic. Please enjoy the colorful fireworks in the night sky above the white ski slopes to your heart’s content, as they are a little different from fireworks during the summer. Seeing the fireworks over the snow is a one-of-a-kind experience. The contrast between the bright lights scattered across the night sky and the plains of silvery white will be something you’ll never forget.

With the SnowCat night tour you can access the best place to enjoy the fantastic show that colors the clear night sky with fireworks, from the slopes above the fireworks launching spot with the stars spread out in the sky.

This season, there are expected to be about 50 nighttime firework shows at Naeba Ski Resort.