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A moment on Private Ski/Snowboard Lesson Class. Here is a iCamp Video Gallery.

iCamp Video Gallery iCamp Video Gallery

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iCamp Video Gallery, iCamp Hotel Japan at Mt. Naeba. Japan Winter Ski Package. Private Ski Lesson Class. Private Snowboard Lesson Class or Small Group in each category. We are welcome to make Private School Trips with many Activities. Contact Us Now.

We offer customized programs for school residential and retreats. The combination of our facilities and activities can be made to suit your needs. If you wish to just use our ski lodge or have a full program arranged by the iCamp team, any needs can be met.

iCamp Japan Hotel is located in the centre of Mikuni Village in Naeba and is located just 300 metres from the nearest chair lift and gondolaa, if you don’t fancy walking, we offer a pick up and drop off shuttle service. For more infomation plase contact us.

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