You can discover the Uonuma’s first strawberry picking farm.
Being able to pick strawberries in heavy snowy areas such as this makes it quite a unique and unusual facility to visit.
There is a sense of freshness to this place thanks to their raised hydroponic cultivation. Their most popular product is the large and sweet Niigata limited echigo hime strawberries, which are grown in a winter greenhouse.

Or you can enjoy a stroll in snow with “KANJIKI”. On joining the snow walk tour, you’ll get to wear traditional kanjiki, made with wood and ropes.

You can also spend the day learning Japanese crafts like :

  • Soba noodle making
  • Washi paper making
  • Lacquer
  • Bamboo weaving
  • Making hand bells
  • Indigo dyeing
  • Making lanterns with silk from silkworms

Or take your time for visiting the traditional shops and craft stores around Naeba.